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Developing a new service line

Updated: Mar 15

  1. Create a simple needs assessment-look up statistics of mental health needs in your area and ask providers for feedback on current mental health services.

  2. Develop a simple proposal-describe the need you have discovered and present this to your employer. Explain how this will benefit the community and clinic by bringing in more patients and creating an additional revenue stream.

  3. Once you have the okay to proceed with your new service line, get trained-take the necessary courses to get you started on using a cognitive behavioral-based approach. I received my initial training series through the Beck Institute (CBT Essentials I and II, CBT for Anxiety, and CBT for Depression).

  4. Promote your new service-give luncheon presentations, send the email template to providers, create a flier with information and referring diagnoses codes for providers to make referencing and referrals easier, look for opportunities to speak to the public about OT and mental health, collaborate with local mental health and advocacy groups to get the word out.


(Disclaimer: I do not receive any form of financial compensation or benefits for promoting the continuing education mentioned. Any recommendations or endorsements made are based solely on my personal experience)

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